M & M House runs affordable shared housing mainly in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture. The range of rent is from ¥28,000 to ¥45,000. All rooms are furnished and equipped with WiFi. We have Various types of rooms such as women's only, foreigner's usage, short-term staying, etc. We are happy to listen to your request.

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A large-scale shared house in Ichinomiya, Aichi, starting from 28,000 yen.

KOMA TOWN is a large-scale shared house, which includes shared office and is a four-story reinforced-concrete building.
And it was fully renovated in October 2015.
There are two 33 square meter living rooms with huge kitchens where every resident can use.You can also use the balcony next to living room even when it rains.

Every room has a lock for protecting privacy. You also enjoy interacting with other residents in a living room.
We can offer you more affordable rent compared to Nagoya city. This place is convenient to commute to other places such as Komaki,
Iwakura, Inazawa, Gifu other than Nagoya city.

House information

Rent 28,000 to 35,000 yen
Utility 10,000 yen
Address Ushino street 4-15, Ichinomiya city, Aichi prefecture
Capacity 24 people
Condition Age 18 to 35 years old
Station 15 min. walk to Meitetsu line “Ichinomiya”, 9 min. walk to Meitetsu “Myokoji”

Parking lots nearby are around 5000 yen per month.


Things included in Utility

Gas, electricity, water, Internet, toilet paper, tissue, detergent for dishes, seasonings(Sake, Mirin(Sweet cooking Sake), sugar, salt, pepper, oil),
aluminum foil, cling film, garbage bag, bath mat, equipments in shared area.

We provide communal things up to 5,000 yen a month. (Communal things only )
We might revise the utility cost when it goes too much.

Nearby facilities

Heiwado supermarket 80m
Chukyo Bank 220m
Ichinomiya Usino-street Post office 200m
Seibunkan book store 300m
Lawson convenience store 550m
Restaurants ( Cafe, Korean BBQ, Ramen, bakery etc.)


Communal Space

kitchen, TV, refrigerator, sofa, washing machine, Air conditioner, Intercom, bath, restroom, shoe rack, etc.

Private room

Air conditioner, bed, table, chair, drapes, etc.

What you need for moving in

· Futon (Please be sure to put the sheets on the bed. If the mattress gets dirty and worn out without using the sheets, we might charge you.)
· ID (passport and visa)
· Initial cost
Please fell free to contact us.


· From 18 years old to 35 years old. (For residents under the age of 20, the parent consent form is required)
· People who can keep the law, people with social morals.
· Those who can get along with others.
· Those who do not smoke ( The entire house is non smoking.)

【ID card required for screening】
ID card with face photo (passport and visa)

Initial cost

・Handling fee:20,000yen
・Guarantee fee :  half of the monthly expense        ※needed to renew a contract yearly (10,000yen per year)


We are happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us .

please Call here

△Telephone number :
+81-52-799-9921 from outside Japan
※If someone who does not speak English answer the phone ,please tell the person
to put you through to “Hiro”.He is a person in charge.
※Please call between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Inquiry form

We accept e-mails 24/7.
※Please understand that we sometimes may not answer on the week end.
※We make sure to reply to you. Neverthless,if you do not get a reply
from us,please call us or check you e-mail address you wrote.
It might be because of wrong address or our e-mail detected as a spam.

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