M & M House runs affordable shared housing mainly in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture. The range of rent is from ¥28,000 to ¥45,000. All rooms are furnished and equipped with WiFi. We have Various types of rooms such as women's only, foreigner's usage, short-term staying, etc. We are happy to listen to your request.


  • Q.1 What is a shared house like?

    A.1 You live in a shared house with some other people and share living room , kitchen , bath ,restroom , etc.
    All the rooms are lockable and secure the privacy.

  • Q.2 How much does it cost as an initial cost.

    A.2 Rent and utility cost for the fisrt month, ¥20,000 for handling fee and cleaning ,the half of rent for a rent guarantee company
    Examples : In case you move on 11th in the middle of month and a room with a rent of ¥30,000.

    ・¥20,000 for handling fee and cleaning
    ・¥20,000 for the rent of 20 days out of 30days
    ・¥6,600 for the utility cost of 20 days of 30days
    ・¥15,000 for a rent guarantee company
    Total amount : ¥61,600

  • Q.3 Is tenant screening necessary?

    A.3 Yes, it is .
    If you do not pass the screening of rent guarantee company , we can find the other ways like
    requiring a deposit instead .
    But,the most important thing for residents is getting along with the other residents.
    We focus on that point.
    So, actually we sometimes refuse some applicants to move in.

  • Q.4 How long is the shortest stay available?

    A.4 It is from 3 month.

  • Q.5 Can I invite my friends to the house?

    A.5 Yes , you can.
    There is a rule to inform the other residents that you invite your friends.

  • Q.6 Is a guatantor necessary?

    A.6 No,it isn’t.
    You are required to use a rent guarantee company instead.

  • Q.7 How can I pay the rent.

    A.7 Bank transfer or direct debit by the end of the previous month

  • Q.8 Is Wi-Fi avilable?

    A.8 Yes , it is.

  • Q.9 Are there any rules in the shared house?

    A.9 Yes ,there are.
    For examples : no smoking , assigned jobs for cleaning , how to take out the trash, etc
    We will inform you of rules when moving in.

When you make an inquiry,
first tell me that it is "About the shared housing"
TEL 052-799-9921 Tell: 9:00 – 18:00
Mail : 24/7

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