M & M House runs affordable shared housing mainly in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture. The range of rent is from ¥28,000 to ¥45,000. All rooms are furnished and equipped with WiFi. We have Various types of rooms such as women's only, foreigner's usage, short-term staying, etc. We are happy to listen to your request.

Affordable shared housing – Rent from 28,000 yen

“M & M HOUSE” is located in NAGOYA and KASUGAI city.
This house is a shared housing for people who have just come here ,those who have just left parents place and those who have just come from foreign countries.
In Japan ,the initial cost for real estate is very expensive and complicated such as deposit, key money , brokerage fee , etc.
We do not demand those old typical japanese way of renting.
We would like people from foreign countries to live in a better enviroment and would like more foreigners to come to JAPAN.
If you rent one room on your own, you have to pay utility costs such as gas, water,electricity , etc.
You can save those bills if you live in “M & M HOUSE” .

All rooms are furnished with a bed , a desk and a chair. To ensure the privacy, all rooms are lockable.
Besides,all rooms are charmingly renovated.Why don’t you join us.

Knowing JAPANESE culture

In M & M HOUSE ,various people including japanese and foreigners live together .
So ,you can learn japanese culture and other country’s culture from daily life.
You must be anxious about life in JAPAN.
You will be taught about things you want to know by the other residents.

Easy life with affordable rent ,fully furnished room and saving utility costs

You can start your new life in JAPAN easily.Firstly, The initial cost is cheaper than other rooms.
All rooms and living rooms are furnished with furniture and electric appliances.
The utility cost we charge is 10,000 yen per month .
It includes gas,electricity,water,Wi-Fi ,etc.

All rooms lockable securing your privacy

The entrance and each room are all lockable .You can keep both keys by yourself.
Therefore,you can manage your valuables on your own.

Easy access to the center of NAGOYA (NAGOYA ,KANAYAMA,SAKAE)

All the houses are located in places where you can easily access to the downtown of NAGOYA by train for around 30 min.

Parking lot for the house in the suburbs

For the property in KASUGAI city, the monthly parking lot is about 3000 yen ~ 6000 yen, the property in NAGOYA city is also around 6000 ~ 9000 yen.

Meeting new friends

You can meet and socialize with japanese and foreigners from other countries .
You can make a lot of friends.


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