In July and August as usual, although there are few tenants entering and leaving the municipal office, there are more people visiting the house and moving from the house since the latter half of August. In September, foreign share nationals in their thirties moved to sharehouses eight, and this makes room for one vacancy.
As it is a popular area of ​​Yasushi, soon as possible

And since there was vacancy of one room for a while and a room of Mr. Sharinghouse who was recruiting was also moved to the male of 20’s, we will stop recruiting until vacancy comes out. And then, due to moving two rooms at the end of August, thanks to the share house Kasugai where vacancy came out as well, yesterday we had applications for two rooms yesterday and so we will stop visiting once. If you want to resume recruitment by cancellation etc. We will let you know again so please everyone!

Finally, it is a new open house announcement! It is a convenient property for those who commute to Kanayama or commute to Kanayama by saying that it is within 20 minutes by doors to doors from the house to the famous station, Jinshan. Because it becomes Kiyosu city next door of Nagoya, the rent is also reasonable from 28000 yen to 33000 yen. Currently, since we received one room application, we will have 4 rooms left. We are scheduled to visit the latter half of September and we are accepting reservations for visits!
As soon as renovation is completed, photos will be uploaded so everyone will be asking for it