M & M House runs affordable shared housing mainly in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture. The range of rent is from \28,000 to \45,000. All rooms are furnished and equipped with WiFi. We have Various types of rooms such as women's only, foreigner's usage, short-term staying, etc. We are happy to listen to your request.

Affordable shared housing ,The rent from \28,000

In Japan, especially in Nagoya area, there are few foreigners who still live in compared to Tokyo. Because of that, the rooms where foreigners can live are very limited. M & M House offers rooms that are safe and comfortable for foreigners.

Interact with a variety of people including Japanese and other foreigners

Our shared houses have a variety of people regardless of nationality including students, working people, etc. You can interact with those people and get local information from
them. Besides, you might meet someone special .

Saving expense so that You can use money only to enjoy your life

You can rent a room from 28,000 yen. Furniture, household appliances are available.
Initial fee is quite cheaper than ordinal rooms for rent. It is because you do not have to pay such as brokerage fee for our shared housing which is normally required
when you rent rooms in Japan.
Apart from the rent, you have to pay 10,000yen for all expenses Including such as electricity, gas, water, WIFI, etc. You will get to know how cheap it is .

Security and privacy

All private rooms can be locked, so security and privacy are protected.
Unlike living alone, living with sharing is safe and secure. Except shared entrance ,all the private rooms are attached with private keys and valuables can be managed safely in your own private rooms .

Easy access to main station, such as Nagoya, Kanayama, and Sakae station etc.

You can reach the main stations within 30 minutes from our properties.

Easy to find a parking lot

Our properties are relatively located in suburbs of Nagoya. It is not difficult to find a parking lot. We will also introduce a used car shop if necessary.


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